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Web and Mobile Software Development

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What We Do

We develop, design and build digital products and services to create value for our clients and engage their users. With efficient product development processes we reduce time to market for clients' offerings.


We’ve built dozens of web and mobile application front-ends and back-ends. We’re capable of developing any technology on any platform and specialize in tackling multi-platform experiences that scale and that users love.


We work with our clients to think on a higher level about how their audience, users, and stakeholders will interact with and communicate about their brand and their product more than any other design team out there.


We focus on UI and visual design as the core of producing the most beautiful apps in the industry for both consumer facing products and tailored industry solutions.


Our design decisions go beyond aesthetic preferences and truly have your user and business objectives in mind. The result: a cohesive, engaging face wherever your customer is interfacing with your brand.

We provide service to clients with a commitment toward maintaining values that benefit both the customer and the company.

Our services

We love meshing fresh ideas and new technology, thus enabling human beings to improve their lives. We believe having fun leads to better products, and that dedication is a bare minimum.


We are experienced in identifying the right tools and software for your project. More often than not we find that the simpler solutions are actually cheaper, more agile and more scalable than their expensive counterparts from market leaders. We believe that choosing opensource is better than betting on proprietary software over which you have no control.


We help our clients test their business ideas through consumer validation, thus reducing the risk of innovation dramatically. Learn fast – design better. Design better – be better. We find solutions that give the user an effortless feeling when interacting with the product or service. We take into account how our brain likes to work – what comes natural, and what does not.


Ideas and concepts are not generated in a vacuum – they need a context. We help you find new business opportunities, discuss new products and evaluate competitors. Our techniques for generating ideas and exploring and building concepts are fast, flexible and reliable. They enable you to create and distribute value to your customers.


Here are some of the solutions we’ve created in the past. Have a look around.

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We work closely with each other and our clients to expand our horizons, push the boundaries of what is possible and help shape the future of technology. If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of – we want to hear from you!

Our Team

The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.

Alona Alecas
Media Production
Serge Grebenyuk
Art Direction
Oleksiy Gorbachevsky
Software Engineer
Yaroslav Holodiuk
Software Engineer
Roman Solomud
Software Engineer
Stanislav Liudera
Software Engineer
Olga Semianyk
Client Relations
Victor Artemenko
Bruxelles Representative


When it comes to designing digital products and interactive experiences, we preach a certain methodology: always put the user first. This means making sure the experience you put forth is always a delight regardless of the environment or platform. We carry this methodology into technology and apply it in our approach to developing web and mobile applications.

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